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To fulfill their hearts, they have custom fabricated wood side panels and group caps on their La Marzocco Mistral. Heart’s wood Mistral Oh yeah, they roast coffee, too.

Heart Roasters fancies tasty coffees, understated cool decor, and sexy espresso machines.

Did I mention the man behind Heart is “the” Wille Yli-Luoma?

In “The Most Important Drink of Your Day“, GQ magazine hits home with the point that, “why pay $4.79 for a watery latte that was lovelessly made on a push-button machine that could be safely operated by a 4 year old?

” (They’re referring to a superautomatic espresso machine, by the way) In the “Golden Age of Coffee” (as they call it) that we now live in, “there’s now a wealth of coffee in America so rich and flavorful it’ll remind you why you originally fell in love with the stuff.” Other than killer coffee and quality, what else do these featured coffee roasters have in common? Alterra Blue Bottle Caffe Vita Intelligentsia Kaldi’s Ninth Street Espresso Ritual Stumptown Verve Zoka Over the weekend, Stumptown Coffee Roasters hosted the Producers Panel, a presentation and discussion on the state of the coffee industry on the producers side.

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit origin, this was a fantastic way to meet those responsible for their dedication and hard work on the other end of the supply chain.

The panel took place at Seattle University, which was followed by a tasting of the coffee represented by the panelists at Stumptown’s nearby cafe & roastery.

Coffees were enjoyed on the espresso machine (as single origin espressos), chemex, and pourover.

Even if you have been in the industry for some time (but haven’t visited origin yet), this has to be a sobering experience.

In his own words, Ngatia, a coffee farmer from Karatina, Nyeri in Kenya, passionately spoke of how Stumptown and a small handful of other progressive coffee roasters are purchasing their coffees through the “second window” in Kenya’s coffee exchange.

This enables him and his coop to receive up to twice as much for their above par quality coffees.

Through their collaboration with Stumptown, Ngatia’s coop was able to increase their production by about 40% in the past couple years and is on track to almost double their current level in the coming year.