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Golden Gate Hotel & Casino offers players the highest “free play” reward in town.

November 28, 2014The historic casino in downtown Las Vegas introduced a new free play points system in 2011.

While the same system remains in place today, Golden Gate has confirmed through independent research that the casino continues to offer the best slot free play program in the city.“The Golden Gate’s base free play rate continues to dominate all others in town, coming in as high as 10 times the rate of competitors.

Even the second-highest return of .67% at a few places is a full 33% below the Golden Gate rate,” said Las Vegas gambling expert Anthony Curtis.

To be eligible to earn free play, players must be a member of “Club 1906,” the Golden Gate’s free players club.

Sign up here: JOIN CLUB 1906“Best Slot Free Play” was originally noted by H.

Scot Krause in Strictly Slots magazine (June, 2011)Who has the best slot club rebate?

I’ll go out a limb and venture to say it’s now the Golden Gate in downtown Las Vegas.

Beginning June 1, the Golden Gate has restructured the 1906 Club and is offering an unheard of 1% back on slot play in the form of free slot play.

Starting June 1st, points will be worth 5 times as much as before and slot players will receive 5x times as much free play.

The formula for slots is as follows: $1.00 slot coin in = 1 point. This equates to a 1% rebate for slot play, something we haven’t seen in Las Vegas (or perhaps anywhere else in the country) for many, many years.

For video poker players, the rebate has increased 2 ½ times the previous rate, which is good but obviously not as good as the slot rebate.