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Selecting Third Party means you are a recruiter or staffing agency representing a tech professional to apply for Contract Corp-to-Corp and/or Contract-to-Hire Corp-to-Corp jobs.

If you are a tech professional who wants to directly apply for jobs, do NOT select Third Party.

Is jam-packed with tips on money management; the three most popular casino games (slots, video poker and blackjack); the best and worst bets in the casino; getting your fair share of comps, and much more.

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Syndicated gaming columnist Mark Pilarski puts his 35-year casino career to work for you by providing sound, practical, insider information on how to best exploit the casino on your next visit.

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His motto to all who gamble: “The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be.” The “smarts” are enclosed on this two-hour audio.

It has been updated with new bonus material, as well as changes to the casino landscape since the first edition.

Pilarski talks about some of the newer games like Let it Ride and Three Card Poker, rule changes, such as six to five for blackjacks, and technological upgrades like continuous shufflers, ticket-in ticket-out machines, and the value of Casino Club Cards.

"Impressive" - Saint Paul Pioneer Press "What Mark Pilarski doesn't know about casino gambling isn't worth knowing." - Richard F.

Schulte, author of Winning At Craps"A Great Deal" - Reno Gazette-Journal"Pilarski offers sound money management and betting advice.