казино в праге

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Experience the excitement of the Dance4Water community.

Learn a new skill, meet great people and help us provide some of the worlds poorest people with access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education. Sensual and energetic style with French Caribbean roots, which were developing in Brazil.

Many moves an techniques from other dances can be imported to Zouk making it a super versatile and beautiful. Half the fun of dancing is dancing with other people.

We make sure that nobody is left out so there will always be friendly people for you to dance with. In the new season, Monday we teach Beginners lessons (Salsa, Bachata).

One style of dance we teach is Rueda de Casino, a fun type of salsa where you will change partners very quickly. Wednesday we teach the follow-up lesson for Improvers/Intermediate (Salsa, Bachata).

Thursday stays the same as last year, Salsa lesson for Intermediate and Advanced dancers.

We hope the new schedule will allow you to try both dances (the price is still 80/100 CZK for both lessons that day).

We suggest proceeding to the next level after knowing the figures from the previous level.

With a population of 102 million, Ethiopia is Africa’s second most populous country and remains one of the world's poorest countries.