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Not one of the most commonly used Casino Payments, the Web Money service is a simple to use online web wallet type system whereby you are able to move funds fairly quickly and seamlessly from your Web Money account to several different online casinos.

You will need to set up a Web Money account and then put funds in this account.

Once done, simply select the Web Money options from the casino banking interface where you are playing, select the amount and if you have funds in your Web Money account they are transferred instantly into your casino account.

The only problems with Web Money is that there are not too many online casinos that accept it, however without the need for you to have a debit card or credit card to fund your Web Money account, you can simply purchase a top up type of scratchcard.

Then it is a convenient way to deposit and withdraw money in and out of an online casino.

You can also fund your Web Money account by using an online money exchange site, there are plenty of them about where people can trade and send money from and to their Web Money account, and as such you are always in control of your funds.

There are just a limited amount of countries and the residents of these countries who can utilize the Web Money service.

This is why we would recommend that you visit their website for a complete listing of their customer restrictions to see if you are permitted to play.

Web Money has been around and provides a fairly reliable service since 1998, and that small fact means they are one of the more established casino payment options and one that can provide you will a reliable way to move funds around the web if you have no credit or credit card.

They have a very informative website and it will only take you a matter of a couple of minutes for you to set up an account with them, so if you are considering using Web Money or simply require any more information, simply visit their website and all of your questions will then be answered!

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