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The Sebastopol Ambulatory Surgery Center, in business since 1987, was one of the first in northern California to perform phacoemulsification surgery for cataracts and the first facility in the area to offer YAG Laser for painless noninvasive capsulotomy.

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding ophthalmic surgical experience.

The Sebastopol Ambulatory Surgery Center is a first class surgical facility where our goal is to provide an outstanding ophthalmic surgical experience for our patients in a warm, nurturing environment.

The nursing and surgical staff is dedicated to providing the best possible care and our consistently positive patient surveys reflect this.

A great deal of our time is consumed with Fund Raising ideas, the ordinary ways of our fathers do not work anymore we are reaching out to you, a new generation our cyber friends who have seen the parade on the internet and thought “what a great celebration I wish I could be part of it “.

Now you can help us to keep this tradition alive with you contributions.

At Sibby’s Cupcakery, we offer classic decoration themes for popular occasions including birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations and traditional holidays.

Classic Themes are available at no extra charge and include at least 4 unique decorations.

Pricing: Mini $27/dozen, Regular $42/dozen, Jumbo $8.25/each.

This is after canceling my Day One preorder a week before launch, and then months of near purchases at random retail outlets.

Basically, I decided that I needed more time to play my Xbox 360 games while waiting for the next-gen games that I actually wanted to play.

I eventually hatched a plan to “get my console in time for Titanfall.” Titanfall isn’t even in full HD.