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Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of the ocean and surrounded by a spectacular view.

Near Lisbon and sited in a Nature Reserve, Tróia Design hotel is a contemporary 5 star resort with dazzling views over the Atlantic Ocean, endless beaches, Sado River and the enigmatic Arrábida Mountain. Experience a sophisticated and cozy environment, where the design is present in every detail.

Tróia Design Hotel leads the way in sophisticated living, including a Casino, Show Center as well as a Conference Center.

"In 1940 Lisbon, happiness was staged so that God could believe it still existed," wrote the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

During World War II, Saint-Exupery escaped from France to Portugal and ended up in Lisbon, waiting for a visa to go to America. Espionage flourished under the cover of neutrality.

He was not the only one; the Portuguese capital became a symbol of hope for many refugees. The city became the site of plots with all the elements of a good spy novel: double and triple agents, prostitution rings used to extract secrets from the unsuspecting, escape routes through the ever-present fog and chic hotel bars filled with MI6 and Gestapo agents in disguise.

Even Isla and Rick, the star-crossed lovers in the film Casablanca, sought a ticket to that "great embarkation point." Thousands had flooded the city, trying to obtain the documents necessary to escape to the United States or Palestine. Stays in the city inspired authors such as Graham Greene and Ian Fleming to write some of the best espionage tales of the last century, from . An intelligence officer in the Royal Navy, he was in Portugal to devise Operation Golden Eye, an Allied plan to monitor Spain and defend Gibraltar in the event that Spain joined the war on the side of the Axis Powers.

He stayed in Estoril, a resort town on the Atlantic coast where the moneyed flocked.

Refusing to live as the other refugees did, they acted as if on vacation, donning party dresses and flocking to bars and casinos at night.

In fact, so many of the Europe's exiled royalty took refuge in Estoril that called it "The Royal Morgue of Europe." Royals mixed with spies and wealthy Jewish refugees at the Estoril Casino, Europe's largest gambling house.

It was the characters at the blackjack tables that inspired Fleming to write .

Among them was Dusko Popov, a handsome double agent who earned the codename "The Tricycle" for his penchant for having a woman on each arm and sometimes a third in tow.