казино jackfon

Cons The casino's "zero tolerance" approach toward its attendance point policy results in the loss of valuable employees while the most incompetent workers continue to linger in their jobs despite countless complaints.

Many days, you work 11-hours and only receive a couple of ten minute breaks and a half-hour lunch.

This job is recognized as the hardest job in the entire casino because of the level of physical exertion it requires in an extremely fast paced environment.

Advice to Management Look to send some of you management on outing to scout other properties.

Have them look at other operations and take positives as well as negatives.

Look to possibly add some of the positives to their departments.

Cons The upper management has their nose way up in the air and won't give the regular peeps the time of day. Her sons took over and stopped caring for and respecting their employee's.

I worked there for 7 years and watched as it went from a great place to work for most, to a real joke. A real shame, because it was a great place to work back in those days.

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