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Your friends keep telling you to do it, you have a lot to say, you’re a good writer, and it seems fun! You could sit down and decide what you’d like to blog about and the design, but there are a few important things to consider before you being blog planning. To be Anonymous or Not to be Anonymous It really depends on what you are going to blog about. Think about how your writing will affect your friends, your work, or your family.

Are you going to start a blog about the disturbing things that go on at work? If you think your writing will jeopardize your personal life or professional life, consider writing your blog under and alias or anonymous. Time Consuming When you first start a blog, it’s hard to make revenue.

Most advertisers look for publishers who have an audience, a significant amount of content, and sites that have been running longer than six months.

Don’t expect to make money as soon as you start blogging, unless you’re working as a paid contributor for another blog or company.

You will be putting in about five to eight hours a day to run a successful blog. When people read, comment, and interact with your blog, that is kind of like getting paid.

You will need to promote yourself on all social media accounts, take photos, edit photos, write posts, edit posts, etc. You will have to learn how to be patient until your blog kicks off. If you choose to go the #1 route, you won’t have to worry about this one, but the privacy is difficult.

You can’t sit there and browse Pinterest, Facebook or watch movies while you’re blogging. The first day I started writing, I had maybe one few and each day there were more and more. All the unpaid time I spent on my blog has definitely paid off. I chose to blog about my life and I expect a little privacy invasion and I’m used to it, but someone just starting might be a little overwhelmed by questions like “where do you live”, “how much money do you make”, or “what kind of bra do you wear.” As a blogger, you have to get used to it. When you read a book or watch a movie, sometimes you wish the author was sitting there so you could ask them questions about the characters or the endings.

Now I get to do what I love for a living and that’s what life should be about. In this case the blogger is the author and people will ask questions. I’ve had people look at the background of my photos and search all the apartments on Apartment Finder until they found a match.

I’ve had people call a realtor to take a tour of my parents home when it was for sale and I’ve had people knock on my front door. You Will Get Haters You can be the best writer, the nicest person, the most entertaining, and you will still get haters. because there are miserable people hiding behind computer screens preying on successful people because it makes them feel better. Some days I just want to fire back and some days I do!

You just have to be more cautious of what you’re putting on your computer, where you say you’re at, and how private you are with your readers. The best way to go about it is to just ignore them but sometimes it’s hard.

Just be cautious and don’t mention where you are at until you leave the place. Make sure you are mentally ready to deal with mean people. You don’t have to be ready to fire back, start a war, or even deal with them.

If I am out on a hiking trail, I usually Instagram that as soon as I leave or if I’m at a restaurant, I won’t Tweet it until I leave. Have you ever gone to an event and clicked on the hashtags to see who is around you. Learn to hit delete, shake it off, and don’t take anything personal. You Need To Know How To Use Your Blog You need to spend some time reading about the platform you choose. Word Press has things like plugins, widgets, user admins, media pages, categories, tags, tools, and all kinds of updates.