gaminator online play

To be honest, I've tried watching the TV game and I don't get it...

It's basically a load of 50/50 calls and you may aswell just do away with the first 30 minutes of the programme and just open one box LOL.

OK, OK: I can see that it creates tension and excitement so I'm not surprised that they have made several online games based on Deal Or No Deal, one of which you can see above.

The version of the game you see above is a version known as "The Banker's Riches".

You can see it's a pretty plain looking beast to be fair with 3 bonus features triggered by getting 3 of certain symbols in view.

There is another version of the Deal Or No Deal slot which is more like a fruit machine ( slot isn't really my cup of tea.

I much prefer more traditional games like you see in land-based casinos, with the Novomatic Gaminator slots and IGT offerings being more my thing.

But each to their own: I am sure the Deal Or No Deal games will attract an audience who like light entertainment: check it out for yourself and feel free to disagree.

And if you find, like me, it gets a bit boring after a while, there are lots more slot games (and better ones to be honest!

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