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When one is in a serious relationship and at a certain age, one starts to wonder if today is going to be ‘the day.’ You know, the day when your significant other gets down on one knee and confesses their undying love for you and how they can’t imagine life without you and that from now on they want to know that you will be theirs and only theirs. The first time he hugged me I knew I was in for it.

You know, the day one calls, The thing about finding ‘the one’ is that in most instances, you know early on. But little did I know that he was genetically made for the purpose of hugging and that most humans love his hugs.

And whether or not you officially decide to spend the rest of your life with that person the moment you feel it, or if you wait 40 years, you know. They just don’t still get butterflies nearly four years in.

I also, continued to want to spend all my time with him, so there was that.

Seeing as how I was 29 when we got together, I knew to trust my feelings. So when things felt right, I knew that 99.99% chance that they were.

I wasn’t an inexperienced kid who trusted a-holes anymore. And, because of this, pretty much at any point in any day, Mr. So, for the rest of you ladies in a committed relationship who continues to think ‘today will be the day,’ don’t worry, you’re not in it alone. Especially if they choose to take their time and do it when ‘they’re ready’. I kid, I kid, it should only happen when they are ready if you want better odds of not getting divorced.

Anyway, without further ado below is a list of times that I thought Mr.

O was going to give himself a life sentence, also known as becoming engaged to be married: As you can see, there have been so many instances where I thought ‘this is it’.

This is the time we are going to decide to spend the rest of our lives together.

And, truthfully, I would be happy spending my life with him marriage or no marriage. In fact, there was another time I thought just for a second that he’d propose, but because of how he explicitly said how lame it is when people get engaged on a vacation repeatedly, even though I hoped, I kept my expectations low. So, on our second to last night in Paris on our first European vacation, we planned a romantic cruise dinner along the Siene.

And, after four courses and all of the alcohol later, we went for a walk around the Eiffel Tower, only to stop at a bridge with the perfect view because he wanted to retake a better picture from when he was in Paris last with his buddies.

At midnight, the tower started to sparkle, and a few others gathered on the empty bridge where we were standing. O cursed a bit about why they were there and I pointed at ET and said ‘because this.’ Once the people left, he asked me to look at the tower while he took a picture.